CV Shocks for Customers Who Want It All!

CV Shocks for Customers Who Want It All!

Monroe® Brand Brings OE-Style Damping Performance, Reliability to Europe’s Hardest Working Vehicles

Thursday, June 29, 2017 — Brussels, Belgium Your customers’ commercial vehicles are a vital investment in business growth – but only if they are kept in safe, reliable working condition. Jobbers can work with fleets of all sizes to ensure rapid availability of high-quality replacement parts to keep these hard-working vehicles where they belong – out on the road.

Shock absorbers play a critical role in vehicle performance and productivity by contributing to safe steering, stopping and stability over a broad range of driving conditions. In addition, these components help filter out the road-induced noise, vibration and harshness that might otherwise affect driver comfort.

Some shock suppliers offer limited ranges of replacement shock absorbers for today’s commercial vehicle applications, whether for a drive or steer axle, trailer, cabin or even a seat damper. Tenneco’s Monroe® brand, on the other hand, “has it all” – a complete selection of original equipment-quality Monroe Magnum® replacement shocks for virtually any ride control and in-cabin need on any popular commercial vehicle.

As a premier manufacturer of OE shock absorbers, Tenneco specializes in developing ride control units that are up to the toughest challenges, including over-the-road tractors and trailers, buses, agricultural equipment and other hardworking vehicles.

The Magnum Advantage

Monroe Magnum axle shocks for trucks, trailers and buses feature a three-stage compression valve that provides more consistent, high quality damping characteristics to help maximize contact between the tires and road surface. To prevent a common failure associated with some competing shocks, Monroe Magnum shocks also include a hydraulic lockout piston design that prevents over-extension of the shock. This can eliminate instances of mechanical breakage of the shock itself as well as associated damage to the vehicle’s air bellows. 

Monroe Magnum replacement cabin dampers are available in virtually all OE configurations to work alone or in concert with a coil spring or air spring based on vehicle configuration. Tenneco for more than 30 years has been a leading OE supplier of cabin dampers for select European truck manufacturers.

In an age when a commercial vehicle driver’s comfort and satisfaction are more important than ever, replacing worn cabin and seat dampers is simply good business. For this reason, Tenneco also offers a broad range of Monroe Magnum replacement dampers for truck seats.

With ‘Magnum’ Support as Well

Tenneco supports Monroe products with world-class technical support and product reference tools. These include the fully illustrated Monroe Magnum catalog – featuring 360º product images – at Also available is the Technicians Advanced Digital Information System (TADIS),
which includes thousands of helpful files designed for technicians, parts professionals and others. To access TADIS and other resources, visit