Tenneco Supplies Advanced Elastomer Technology for New Freightliner Cascadia Models

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 — Tenneco Inc. (NYSE: TEN) announced today that it is supplying commercial vehicle manufacturer Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) with Clevite® Controlled Torque™ spring eye bushings for new Freightliner Cascadia® Class 8 tractors. 

Exhibiting high conical stiffness and low torsional breakaway, Tenneco’s patented Controlled Torque bushing is designed to provide OE manufacturers the freedom to assemble vehicle suspension systems at any preferred position – not just at vehicle ride height. In addition to providing greater assembly flexibility, it offers improved durability and performance over conventional options, as well as a lower-cost alternative to spring eye bearings in a relatively small package.


“At Tenneco, we are continuously leveraging our knowledge and technical capabilities to offer vehicle manufacturers highly engineered solutions designed with superior NVH isolation,” said Steve Pohlman, vice president and general manager, global elastomers. “The Clevite Controlled Torque bushing is one of the latest in a long series of innovations in elastomer technologies that help to set Tenneco apart from the competition.”


Previously, OEMs were limited to choosing between steel-threaded pivots that require maintenance and provide limited NVH reduction or conventional elastomer bushings that sacrifice conical stiffness and torsional articulation. Available for use for spring eye bushing applications since 2015, the Controlled Torque bushing eliminates the need for compromise by offering the superior durability of a pivot and the on-road performance of an elastomer bushing.


The Controlled Torque bushing is an ideal solution for applications in which high loads or a high amount of suspension travel is common, or where a vehicle assembly aid is desired. It features a curled cartridge bushing designed to accommodate high radial and axial loads along with an integrated bearing that allows for 360º torsion articulation and helps to significantly reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) during driving.


Controlled Torque bushings are designed and engineered at Tenneco’s Clevite Elastomers plant in Milan, Ohio, and manufactured in Reynosa, Mexico.