Tenneco Technologies at IAA International Motor Show Capitalize on Key Trends Driving the Industry

Friday, September 15, 2017 — Tenneco Inc. (NYSE:TEN), today showcased its latest solutions at the 2017 IAA that help its global customers capitalize on future market, regulatory and technology trends. The company outlined its key growth drivers for Ride Performance and Clean Air, demonstrating how its technologies align with these trends.

“Tenneco is leveraging its capabilities and technical expertise to create products that support current customer needs while developing solutions that anticipate and respond to trends driving the industry tomorrow,” said Brian Kesseler, Tenneco Chief Executive Officer. “Whether it is tightening global emissions regulations, autonomous driving that will magnify the need for active suspension systems, mobility models that will increase demand for replacement parts or electrification that presents NVH and acoustic challenges as well as additional content on hybrid vehicles, Tenneco has the solutions in development today to address these needs.”

Regulatory Requirements, Future Powertrain Strategies Drive Clean Air Growth

Tenneco continues to partner with customers to provide the right Clean Air solutions as ICE and hybrid powertrains continue their growth and evolution. An estimated 96 percent of light vehicles produced in 2027* will feature an internal combustion engine (ICE). These engines will require up to 30 percent** more regulatory content than today’s engines, creating growth opportunities.

Hybrid electric vehicles utilize battery packs that consume a significant amount of space in the combined powertrain, creating the need for unique exhaust system packaging that can meet emissions standards. Tenneco’s expertise in systems integration has enabled the company to develop solutions that can accommodate these stringent packaging and content requirements.

Autonomous Driving and Advanced Suspension

Tenneco is well-positioned to support autonomous driving, with its comprehensive portfolio of Monroe® Intelligent Suspension technologies that are designed to differentiate the ride performance of customers’ vehicles. The company’s range of advanced technologies support both active and semi-active suspension systems, creating optimal ride and handling without compromising vehicle performance. The suspension system will play an important role in autonomous driving as it uses road input data to maximize driver comfort and deliver a smoother ride as part of an active safety system. 

Mobility Models Create Increased Demand for Replacement Parts

Tenneco’s well-known Monroe® aftermarket suspension products feature premium solutions that support future mobility models. As the number of vehicle miles driven increases due to ride and car sharing, the company anticipates an increase in vehicle wear and tear and the need for quality replacement parts.

Electrification Drives the Need for NVH, Acoustic Solutions

As vehicle electrification continues to evolve, Tenneco’s global NVH solutions play an important role in this expanding market segment, providing customized noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) products that are a key component in any ICE, hybrid or electric vehicle powertrain strategy. In the area of acoustics, Tenneco’s Clean Air division has solutions in place including its Smart Sound active noise cancellation technology to address pass-by noise requirements or improve engine sound profiles in mild hybrid powertrains.


* IHS Automotive 10-Year Projections (July 2017).

**IHS Automotive and Tenneco estimates.

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